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Evo TV is a revolutionary device that makes any TV smarter than the smart and much more.
It gives you a customized One Click access to all your favorite apps, social networking sites, browser and games. It seamlessly turns your existing TV into a gaming station, a movie and music on demand theater and a learning and education hub. Plug-n-Play with built-in wifi, it comes in 3 varients.

Evo TV Smart Box

Twin processor
Powered by the Android, the Evo TV Smart Box gives you an excellent, HD quality of sound and video playback. Get a one click access to your favourite apps, social networking sites, games and the internet browser.

Evo Touch

Intelligent remote
What all can your remote do? Well, the Evo Touch is much more advanced than a simple remote control. It works as a Touch Sensitive Air Mouse, a Gaming Controller for Motion Gaming, a Voice Input device for Skype and other VOIP calls, and also as a universal remote for various devices!

Evo View

One click UI
This takes personalised user interface to a whole new level! On one hand Deep Views allow you to browse through specific views like Skype, YouTube and Tune-In etc one at a time, on the other the Kwik Views allow you one click access to six different entities of applications or web links. Evo View also allows you to create, edit, move and delete Views.

Evo Discover

Content discovery software
Discover an ocean of internet content with a software called My YT Viewer that allows you access to customised YouTube channels and create your own channels in just one click!

The small Wii-like remote is almost as versatile as the nmain device itself and is an integral part of the system…. The remote also includes a built-in mic for Skype calls and voice commands, a sensor that allows for motion-sensitive gaming, an iPod-like touch-enabled scroll wheel that let you zoom....

…. the panel view, also known as Evo View, is great for browsing content on screen. Users get a panel for almost everything. There is a games panel, a YouTube panel and a website panel. Users can access Google Play and download content, games and more.

A seamless integration of these four unique components – Evo TV Smart Box, Evo Touch, Evo View and Evo Discover, on an ever growing Android platform, converts any TV into a Digital Age Magic Box, giving one click access to unlimited contents and applications.


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