The Telegraph

"There is a bevy of companion devices such as the second-gen Google Chromecast and the Amkette Evo TV2 that can quickly and cheaply give your TV a smart boost – and make getting all manner of content on your big screen TV a breeze."
Google Chromecast : 7/10
  Amkette EvoTV2 : 8/10


“One of the must have gadgets for your bachelor pad"

Tech Radar

"The Amkette Evo TV2 has a surprisingly fluid and polished user interface, is incredibly compact and delivers top notch performance. Additionally, Android 4.4 enables access to the gamut of the Play Store’s applications and services."

Deccan Chronicle

"The EvoTV2 is best value for those whose TV is not ‘smart’ because it lets you use your TV as a web browser with all popular Net video services as ready to click icons"

Zee Business

"Makes your not so smart TV smart. Comes in a compact & good looking box."

The Quint

"When Apple previewed the new Apple TV, CEO Tim Cook declared, “we believe that the future of television is apps. Well, a certain Delhi based company was apparently listening and taking notes, and today, we have the Amkette Evo TV2”

Live Mint

"This is by far the best Android based media player for your TV. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll get used to having this in your home entertainment setup."


"The Amkette EvoTV2 gives users access to almost 200 apps letting them view moves, songs & play video games. For those who follow TV shows, EvoTV2 lets view all the global and local shows. So next time, when you need to watch Game of Thrones (uncensored), you know that EvoTV2 is a must have device for you"

Gaming Central

"Seriously it’s awesome. I am re-watching The Wire, as I write this, Netflix, a range of Live TV services, VPN services and so on. The curation is top-notch, and simplifies looking up necessary apps for the average user."

India Tech Online

"EvoTV2 comes with a fully curated list of Apps designed to give users the best media streaming experience. The store has Live News, Sports Matches, Movies, On demand TV shows and even Games which are updated frequently"

The Indian Express

“This is a great option for those planning to have a good entertainment set up in their living room"

The Times Of India

“Amkette EvoTV2 presents a simple and effective way of converting a regular HDMI cable TV to a smart TV ”

Intellect Digest

"This android TV device makes a lot of sense for people who are looking for easy to use solution to convert their idiot box into a smart television."